Islam is easy

They say Islam is rough & tough on people,
Because everything seems not permissible.

No freedom, no life, and no enjoyment,
It’s like living in the remote mountain.

I say, relax you’re misinformed my friend.
Islam is easy and can remove your burden.

In the Qur’an Allah mentions in explicit verse,
Surah Al Baqarah, “Allah intends for you ease”

And prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said,
In sahih Bukhari, “Religion (Islam) is very easy”

Talking about permissibility & prohibition,
Just like any sciences Islam has principle.

Let’s say object in the room for example,
All you have to do is follow instruction.

Prohibition is don’t move object just leave it,
You see, no time & energy exerted & wasted.

Permissibility is move object if you can,
Capability vs object is simply conditional.

In practice, if you drink alcohol, steal or kill.
You have spent resources & effort but gain sin.

If you only leave & do none those evil doing,
You would have light & easy kind of feeling.

And if ALLAH commands us to do something,
For sure certain condition exception is there.

If you can’t pray standing with valid reason,
Then pray sitting or in bed while lying down.

Some argue why in Islam everything is haram?
This is a big wrong question out of ignorance.

Fyi, by default since the beginning with Adam,
Of all the many things only one tree is haram.

Just like out there of all the many beverages,
Haram is only handful like poisonous & alcoholic.

Ignorance is blessing but only in random time,
Uneducated person is frowned upon all the time.

Ignorance portrays Islam as backward rough & tough,
Knowledge in Islam makes it easy to navigate life.


say… “Ma sha Allah”

Envious of well-being that others have,
will only make yourself stressful & deprived.

Pleased of well-being that others have,
will make you feel less worry kind of life.

If The God has decreed for whoever provision,
Who are we then have the arrogance to question?

Instead, as Muslim should say: “Ma Sha Allah!”
Indeed “God has willed!” for Everything we have.

Give as much as you have…

You may give as much as you have, but it’s useless.
If it gives you reason to become bitter & coarse in your speech.

You may give as much as you have, but it’s useless.
If it gives you reason to become impatient, once you have less.

You may give as much as you have, but it’s useless.
If mentioning your kindness before people, does really matter.

You may give as much as you have, but it’s useless.
If the real sense of sincerity manifests, not for Creator’s sake.

You may give as much as you have, so it won’t be useless.
What your right hand gives, your left hand will never ever notice.

If you give, do not expect something in return.
Verily, regardless of status, people are not really the provider.


Mind your own booger

If you notice others mistake,
Don’t become instant critic expert,

Eyebrow raised, as if you are the best.
Find mirror, look at yourself instead.

Take heed what you see as a reminder,
What If it was you, the laughing matter.

And perhaps you have more shortcomings,
You don’t usually notice your own booger.



“Born this way”

It’s OK being “born this way” as they say,
Just as men & women are created normally.

Just as handicapped were created by default,
That’s absolutely beyond everyone’s choice.

But the common denominator among us all,
In life we were born with our own struggles.

And of all the many struggles,
It’s our desire that must be controlled.

If human acts upon what’s beyond the limit,
Understand & do not deny its consequences.

Intimate relationship between same sex,
Is never wholesome nor will ever be sacred.

Nor it is the thing of modernity,
Rather it’s backward to ancient history.

Ancient history of fornication & sodomy,
Worst than animal acts because it’s satanic.

Don’t despair & be hysterical,
If truth hurts that’s the nature of man.

Intelligence says drive by traffic law safely.
Stubbornness dictates drive by desire recklessly.

Life is all about test not a walk in the park always,
For us to learn how to discipline our wicked desire.

Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessing upon him) said:
“Every son of Adam sins,”
“And the best of those who sin are those who repent.”




Come to Islam


Come to Islam, come  near  and please inquire.
See for your self, be just, in hearsay don’t rely.
Don’t hesitate, hurry, shrug off your prejudice.

Islam is not only for some specific race &  place,
It’s indeed for the humanity &  entire  universe.
Surely that brings about to all harmony & peace.

Yes! You  read it right &  crystal clear, PEACE.
As  opposed to what you  hear  like terrorism,
That the bigot &  occupier  actively  publicize.

They have to paint &  tarnish  Muslim as villain,
&  pre-program the  mind  of  all the innocence,
To hide their wickedness, political plot & desire.

Islam is derived  from the  Arabic root word,  Salam.
Which means peace,  “Peace on Earth” for instance.
& Submission, obedience, Worship of One True God.

Not two, not three, not many,  but only one true God.
Not everything exists by itself, but all from God.
Not gods & goddesses, or man-made god,  but “The God”

To believe in Jesus (pbuh),  Islam teaches its followers.
Not as  God nor begotten son of God but as Messenger,
Prophet & Messenger of God to the lost sheep of Israel.

Islam is not a religion named after & founded by man,
Nor it is new but exists since  the  very  ancient  time.
As ancient as the first man, Our forefather Adam (as).

In Islam, justice is emphasized. Sin is not inheritance.
The Mercy of God is much greater than the sin of men,
If sincere repentance, only for the sake of God, is done.

Islam is not just about repetition of  religious ritual,
But a way of life,  including affairs  that are  secular.
Complete &  error-free system of life,  that’s Islam!

Remember what Islam is? as stated previously “Salam..”
If we dissect the term “Muslim”, it’s a descriptive noun.
In short, It means anyone who sincerely embraces Islam.

A Muslim is anyone with sincere  faith to the oneness of God,
Who testifies there’s no deity worthy of worship but “The God”,
&  testifies  Muhammad  is  the  last  messenger  of  “The God”,

“The God” is The Absolute,  The Eternal,  The  Supreme  Being.
In Arabic “The God”  is called ALLAH,  The creator & Sustainer.
ALLAH is The One we must worship & obey not our own desire.



The Grave

People live in desperate denial,
They knock on wood when reminded,
Reminded by  the  death  shall  come.

Because  the  reminder  of  death,
Gives them awkwardness & sadness,
Thinking about their worldly  affairs.

Know my friend this worldly life,
Is  just a very short span of  time.
Compare to how long dead stays in the grave.

And the grave is like  an airport terminal,
Just a layover while waiting for the flight,
To the final destination of  life  perpetual.

Just hours delay of flight is a great hassle,
Think about years  in  the tiny grave  waiting,
& asking when is the judgement day coming?

It’s agitating & lonely state in the grave,
That is  why in the Qur’an  we  are  reminded,
Think about it! “Every soul shall taste death.”

We are reminded so that we are always aware,
We are made  aware  so  that  we  can  prepare.
Because death comes to us with out any notice.

In some prophetic narration it is said:
“You  will  die  just  like  the  way  you lived,”
“& you will be resurrected on Judgment day”
“just like the way you died.”