“Born this way”

It’s OK┬ábeing “born this way” as they say,
Just as men & women are created normally.

Just as handicapped were created by default,
That’s absolutely beyond everyone’s choice.

But the common denominator among us all,
In life we were born with our own struggles.

And of all the many struggles,
It’s our desire that must be controlled.

If human acts upon what’s beyond the limit,
Understand & do not deny its consequences.

Intimate relationship between same sex,
Is never wholesome nor will ever be sacred.

Nor it is the thing of modernity,
Rather it’s backward to ancient history.

Ancient history of fornication & sodomy,
Worst than animal acts because it’s satanic.

Don’t despair & be hysterical,
If truth hurts that’s the nature of man.

Intelligence says drive by traffic law safely.
Stubbornness dictates drive by desire recklessly.

Life is all about test not a walk in the park always,
For us to learn how to discipline our wicked desire.

Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessing upon him) said:
“Every son of Adam sins,”
“And the best of those who sin are those who repent.”