Come to Islam


Come to Islam, come  near  and please inquire.
See for your self, be just, in hearsay don’t rely.
Don’t hesitate, hurry, shrug off your prejudice.

Islam is not only for some specific race &  place,
It’s indeed for the humanity &  entire  universe.
Surely that brings about to all harmony & peace.

Yes! You  read it right &  crystal clear, PEACE.
As  opposed to what you  hear  like terrorism,
That the bigot &  occupier  actively  publicize.

They have to paint &  tarnish  Muslim as villain,
&  pre-program the  mind  of  all the innocence,
To hide their wickedness, political plot & desire.

Islam is derived  from the  Arabic root word,  Salam.
Which means peace,  “Peace on Earth” for instance.
& Submission, obedience, Worship of One True God.

Not two, not three, not many,  but only one true God.
Not everything exists by itself, but all from God.
Not gods & goddesses, or man-made god,  but “The God”

To believe in Jesus (pbuh),  Islam teaches its followers.
Not as  God nor begotten son of God but as Messenger,
Prophet & Messenger of God to the lost sheep of Israel.

Islam is not a religion named after & founded by man,
Nor it is new but exists since  the  very  ancient  time.
As ancient as the first man, Our forefather Adam (as).

In Islam, justice is emphasized. Sin is not inheritance.
The Mercy of God is much greater than the sin of men,
If sincere repentance, only for the sake of God, is done.

Islam is not just about repetition of  religious ritual,
But a way of life,  including affairs  that are  secular.
Complete &  error-free system of life,  that’s Islam!

Remember what Islam is? as stated previously “Salam..”
If we dissect the term “Muslim”, it’s a descriptive noun.
In short, It means anyone who sincerely embraces Islam.

A Muslim is anyone with sincere  faith to the oneness of God,
Who testifies there’s no deity worthy of worship but “The God”,
&  testifies  Muhammad  is  the  last  messenger  of  “The God”,

“The God” is The Absolute,  The Eternal,  The  Supreme  Being.
In Arabic “The God”  is called ALLAH,  The creator & Sustainer.
ALLAH is The One we must worship & obey not our own desire.


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