The Grave

People live in desperate denial,
They knock on wood when reminded,
Reminded by  the  death  shall  come.

Because  the  reminder  of  death,
Gives them awkwardness & sadness,
Thinking about their worldly  affairs.

Know my friend this worldly life,
Is  just a very short span of  time.
Compare to how long dead stays in the grave.

And the grave is like  an airport terminal,
Just a layover while waiting for the flight,
To the final destination of  life  perpetual.

Just hours delay of flight is a great hassle,
Think about years  in  the tiny grave  waiting,
& asking when is the judgement day coming?

It’s agitating & lonely state in the grave,
That is  why in the Qur’an  we  are  reminded,
Think about it! “Every soul shall taste death.”

We are reminded so that we are always aware,
We are made  aware  so  that  we  can  prepare.
Because death comes to us with out any notice.

In some prophetic narration it is said:
“You  will  die  just  like  the  way  you lived,”
“& you will be resurrected on Judgment day”
“just like the way you died.”

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